Why every Momma-to-be should celebrate Mother’s Day

This year, not only was I celebrating my wonderful mom and all the amazing moms in my life for mothers day, but I was also celebrating my own initiation into motherhood, as a momma-to-be.

Although I don’t have a child to hold in my arms just yet, I believe the pregnant wonder-women of the world are just as worthy of being celebrated as moms on Mother’s Day, as I believe that you are a mom from the moment you see those two pink lines. (I use the term “wonder-women” because now that I have experienced 23 weeks of pregnancy, I can say that at least from my perspective, getting through some tough side effects and symptoms that come with pregnancy make all mommas-to-be super heroes.)

Having a rough start to pregnancy has already changed me in so many ways as a human being, a woman, and a wife. I have become more patient, more forgiving of my body, more thankful for the support that surrounds me, and more selfless when experiencing the less-than-ideal symptoms that come along with growing a human. I’ve also never been so grateful for my husband, and I tell him every day I couldn’t have gotten through the last 5 months without him.

This past Sunday, as I wished my three moms a Happy Mother’s Day, I felt excited to also be celebrating what I believe was my first Mother’s Day as well. I was having trouble finding the words as to why I already felt like real mom, until I read a blog post on the Coffee + Crumbs blog by Megan Blanks. In it, she shares her story of having to deliver her baby just before her 20 week mark, and the things people were saying to her to console her during her time of loss.

Though well-intentioned, no one’s words really made me feel better. None of the “well, at least you can get pregnant” or “that just wasn’t your baby” comments provided any solace or consolation to what we were going through. However, a long time friend whose pregnancy journey also included loss said the only thing that I remember to have an impact.

“You were a great mother to your baby. She was warm, never hungry and always safe with you. She never felt sadness or heartache or pain but only love. You were a great mom.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s for this reason that I believe all moms-to-be  should be celebrated on Mother’s Day.