What I’m listening to: Jan 8, 2014

To get myself in the crafting mood, I have created a playlist of awesome songs that are pretty hot right now (at least to me they are). As I was listening to them tonight, I thought it would be a great idea for a blog post, so here is a list of the top three songs/artists that I’m listening to these days:

  1. Anything Lorde. ANYTHING. Love her. Highly recommend getting her album off iTunes. Worth. Every. Nickle. (Since pennies don’t exist anymore and have been deemed entirely worthless.)
  2. Don’t Wait by Mapei. Great song to groove to. I love the beat in the background. It makes me feel really bad ass when I listen to it.
  3. Jubel by Klingande. Will was actually the one who introduced me to this song. It is very instrumental at the beginning and he is absolutely in love with the saxophone part. Needless to say, this song has mad soul with a techno/house feel to it that doesn’t require you to pop pills and turn your strobe light on to enjoy. (I am assuming that is what people do when they listen to house music… I may be wrong…)

So there you have it. Like most things in my life, I go through phases of obsessing over the music I love, which often times includes me playing the song on repeat all day for months at a time. I am lucky that Will is the same way, otherwise we might drive each other crazy. So once I have a new list of songs, I will be sure to include them here. I love sharing the things I love!

What songs are you into lately? I would love to hear about them in the comments!