Wedding Wednesdays: Choosing a bridal binder

This past week, I went to Chapters looking for some ideas to start my own Bridal Binder. With my Starbucks in hand and a pile of inspirational bridal books, Will and I went to work researching all the things I should have in my binder.

As I sat there taking pictures of layouts and taking notes of all things I should include in my DIY binder, it struck me that buying a completed bridal binder might actually be a really good investment. It would definitely make me a little more relaxed having all of the details all in one place, lists of all the things I will need to think about and not have to spend a bunch of time trying to figure it out and print all my own pages.

This is the book I ended up choosing:


The Bride’s Essential Wedding Planner – Deluxe Edition by Amy Nebens

Although I am not thrilled with the cover, it has a bunch of lists and details that I am loving. I am a HUGE lover of the To Do List, and this book is full of them. It is basically a book that was made for me… and extremely affordable at $23.00!

Here is a list of things to keep in mind when choosing your Bridal Binder:

  • Figure out your organizational style and find a book that matches your needs
  • Finding a book with a three-ring binder is great if you think you will add in your own pages and notes
  • Pockets in the page separators will come in handy when you have quotes from various vendors or receipts that you want to keep track of
  • Having a pocket page protector for business cards is a must! Those things get lost so easily and on the day of, you will want to have easy access to your vendor’s contact information
  • Try to find a book with advice and additional information, rather than just things to do. I love having all the additional tips and hints

What bridal book have you used in the past? Are there other things you look for when choosing one of these binders? Let me know in the comments below!