Try something different

Whenever I am starting a page, I usually take my pictures and play around with the placement before I find something that fits. When I was creating these pages, I wanted to try something different, and so I started by cropping them into circles before placing them on the page. I don’t usually crop my pictures like this because I don’t have a circle punch and have to cut it all by hand, so once I did it, it was as if a whole different creative side of me opened up. If you are trying to do this without a circle punch, I highly recommend using a circle stencil. 

DSCF0815This page was very fun to make. When using circles in your layout, it’s a good idea to curve your title around one of the main circles so that the page flow isn’t broken up by the straight lines. I used the curvy lines at the bottom as well to fit with the theme. I liked the white space around the photos, so I kept it as is without any journaling.

DSCF0818I added some New York embellishments to keep with the theme. I love these “salted” pretzels.

DSCF0817For the next page, I took a different approach. I cut the circles in the paper itself and added the photos behind. This page was “H” for my alphabet book, standing for Highland, Hicuts and Haggis.

DSCF0811I had some scraps of material left over from when my kilt was made, and so I wanted to incorporate these into the page. I used adhesive to secure the pieces to a white page (I outlined the placement of the circles on the white page so I knew what would be shown when I put the top sheet on top. Again, to keep the flow of the page, I chose to journal around the circles with pictures.

DSCF0813I made my own embellishments for this page so that the colours would be consistent. I traced some flowers I already had to create the layered look. I really liked how the paper went white around the edges when I was cutting. I think it added some character to the flower.

DSCF0814Have you ever played with circles? If so, how did it turn out?