Tricks for Project Life scrapbooking like a boss

Sometimes starting a Project Life album is the easiest part; it’s the maintaining and keeping up with it that can be the most challenging. In this post, I will share the tricks I use to make maintaining and keeping up with my Project Life album easy.

This is the third and final post in a series of three on Project Life scrapbooking.

Becky Higgins signatures

1. Use an automatic photo organizer

Project Life doesn’t actually take a ton of time to do, but it’s the photo printing part that holds me back, as getting photos off the phone or computer isn’t part of our regular routine anymore.

In order to print photos, they need to be organized. I originally downloaded Google Photos to my phone to clear up space, but found it had a lot more benefits than just allowing me to take more photos. When the photos are automatically uploaded to the cloud, they are organized by date, making life so much easier if you’re doing a chronological album based on dates by week. It’s also awesome that all the photos are available from any computer or device once they’ve been uploaded.

If you don’t already have an automatic photo organizer on your phone, I highly recommend Google Photos.


Google Photos_phone

2. Get yourself a Fuse Tool

Becky Higgins developed a fuse tool to help make new pockets, split pockets and seal pockets together. I didn’t have one until this was recommended to me at Crop and Create, but since then, my Project Life albums have changed for the better.

I use it to seal the corners of the top row of photos in my album to keep the photos in when it’s held upside-down, but you can also use it to place memorabilia or embellishments (like confetti from a special party) in a pocket and seal it up so it doesn’t fall out.

Project Life Fuse Tool 2

3. Use your stash to try something new

As a traditional scrapbooker, you might have a bigger scrap stash than you’d like to openly admit. If you’re finding yourself flipping through your Project Life cards and not finding something you want to use, try digging into your stash and making something unique to help tell your story, like the plain white one I created below.

Make and Takes

4. Order your prints

As Canadians, we no longer have a ton of places to print our photos. I find Walmart doesn’t have the best quality, and while Costco prints are cheap, sometimes making the trip to Costco is a daunting task.

Getting photos delivered right to your front door eliminates one more thing on your to-do list and gets you one step closer to working on your album. I recommend trying places like Persnikity Prints, Shutterfly or Photobox. Just keep in mind the exchange rate if you’re ordering from the U.S.


5. Get the app

Project Life has a handy dandy app that you can use on your apple devices (android is coming soon, we’re promised). With the app, there’s no need for any special tips or tricks, and you can now order the prints directly from the app.

I haven’t tried it for myself yet, but I am promised the prints come within a week and that this is the easiest way to develop your Project Life album.


There are so many ways to make the most of your Project Life experience. I can’t wait to see what you create! Feel free to post your own trick or tips below!