Three things you need to start doing right now

On our drive up to Ottawa this past weekend, we rocked out to Lorde, Fun, and Mumford and Sons, among many other artists. It was an amazing playlist for our 5.5 hour road trip, but one song in particular got me thinking. That song was Below my Feet by Mumford and Sons. In case you haven’t heard it before, here are the key lyrics:

Let me learn from where I have been Well keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn

When I was in University, I could easily imagine myself as a professional student. I am in love with learning, and feel that I am just generally good at school. (Maybe this was why I convinced myself to finished a degree, diploma and two certificates in 4 years like a crazy person.) Despite this, I haven’t continued my education since joining the workforce. Recently, this has all changed, and after a short two years of being out of school, I am starting to learn again. I feel like learning should be something we all need to strive to make time for, especially since the years seem to pass quicker as we grow older.

IMG_20140422_072209And so with this theme in mind, here are three things you should start doing RIGHT NOW:

1. Learn something from your parents Whether you’re 22 or 52, there is probably something your parents are really good at that you wish you could do; whether this is mastering a family recipe, a technical or crafting skill, or even learning a language. We are all getting older, which means our parents are too. Time is the most valuable thing one can spend, so start spending it now. Ask your parents to teach you whatever it is you’d like to learn. Not only will you be able to keep your family’s traditions alive, but chances are that your parents will be thrilled to share their knowledge with you without having to force it on you.

2. Take a class to learn something new or get better at something you can already do Every Sunday, you will find me at my gymnastics class learning how to tumble, perform tricks, and enhance my skills. Every Tuesday (starting in May), I will be taking a graphic design course at a local college so I can enhance my skills and use them for both work advancement and my own personal enjoyment. These are things I couldn’t do a couple years ago, but because of classes available (and generous funds from my awesome work), I can now do things I always wished I could do. My advice to you is to stop wishing and start doing! I highly recommend that if you have an interest in learning something new, you should find a class in your area (or check out youtube videos!) and try it out. Trying is something you will never regret.

3. Make time for the things you really like to do Days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. Time passes us by so quickly and is filled so easily with chores, to do lists and work, that it is often hard to find “extra” time to do the things you really enjoy doing. If you value these things, make them a priority and DO IT NOW. Don’t depend on stumbling upon extra time, because the reality is that extra time doesn’t really exist. You need to schedule time to go to the gym, plan regular visits with your friends, and indulge in an afternoon of scheduled crafting time.

This year, I have really tried to commit to doing these things RIGHT NOW. For example, I wanted to get better at knitting and had put it off for way too long. My mother is a storehouse of knowledge when it comes to knitting, and so we scheduled a “knitting lesson,” and I have now graduated from dish cloths and scarves to socks. And surprisingly enough, it’s not that much harder than the dish cloths! Here is my progress so far: