These days at the Fournier Farmhouse

Since moving up to the country, we’ve been busy getting settled into our new home and routine.

To start off – since I am sure you’re wondering – the commute has been going well! It also helps that the winter has been super mild, making the drive to the GO bus and train station easy and enjoyable. We’ve settled into a nice schedule and things couldn’t be better!

When I am not commuting, working, or in class, I’ve been keeping busy with things around the house. I am still getting used to not having as much home time to get my blogging and housework done, but when I do have time, we’ve been using it wisely.

Here’s what’s been happening these days at the Fournier Farmhouse:

READING | tons and tons of books. I am loving a biography I have been reading, and I can’t wait to share more during my monthly round-up. I have been slowing down lately, since I’ve been trying to get more done around the house, but the train and bus have been putting my library card to good use!

CLEANING | everywhere in the house. Over and over. When you move from an apartment to a house, the amount of cleaning is crazy! It might be because I take pride in how the house looks, or it might be because our floors are lighter and show the dirt and dog hair more. I am sweeping every other day!

REARRANGING | some rooms at home, organizing and painting the guest room and finally getting some pictures on the wall. I am trying to convince Will to do another photoshoot of our home similar to the one he did of our apartment before we moved, so I can share it with you here.

FINISHING | the kitchen! We are so close! I have ordered some fabric for the window treatment and can’t wait to see it all completely finished! It is crazy how much we love our new kitchen and I also can’t wait to share with you the before and after finished product here soon!

TAKING | time off of work to finish up some items on my to-do list. I originally wanted to get my Christmas shopping and wrapping all done, while spending some much needed time in the craft room, but I haven’t even had a chance yet, and it’s already Thursday! On the other hand, we’ve had a couple really productive days, and I love seeing things crossed off my list!

SPENDING | time with family and friends at the Fournier Farmhouse and loving it when people come to visit! We have been taking advantage of our new Keurig machine and sharing a tea or coffee with loved ones. We even might have picked an apple or two from the trees on our street.

MAKING | some Christmas gifts and cards for those on my list, and wishing I could share them with you here without spoiling it for the people I am making them for! If you’re looking to get crafty for some of your Christmas presents, check out my post on the 5 DIY gifts you need to make for the non-creatives on your list.

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