So I attended a craft festival…

And it wasn’t exactly what I had imagined.

On Friday afternoon, after a week of flexing at work to make up for the extra hours away from the office, Will and I packed ourselves into our (new) car and headed over to the Creativ Festival at the International Convention Centre in Mississauga.

I was bubbling over with excitement the whole way there. I had been imagining a show similar to the CHA Conference and Trade Show, which is what I would consider to be heaven on earth, HANDS DOWN. This may have set me up for a little disappointment, because the Creativ Festival was an entirely different show altogether.


Since we weren’t allowed any photos in the show, we had to get one of the two of us outside.

What I didn’t realize, was that the Scrapbooking section would be comprised of 5 booths in the back corner, among rows and rows of sewing and knitting booths. That being said, those 5 booths were really great! And had I been in the mood to check out the sewing or knitting stuff, it would have been amazing. Thankfully, we got free tickets from Jewel FM, so I was able to justify a couple purchases.

2014-04-27 14.34.03

The best part about the show was talking to the vendors about their businesses in the scrapbooking industry. I personally find it extremely fascinating and amazing that these women own and run their own scrapbook and craft businesses. This is something I could only dream of doing one day.

My favourite was the Scrabooking & Cards Today booth. Not only did I get an amazing December Documented (like a December Daily) kit shown above, a year subscription to the magazine, and free greeting card supplies, but I also had a great chat with the Founder and Publisher of the Magazine, Catherine. She left me feeling inspired and ready for a Sunday crafternoon!

So all in all, it was a good show. I hear the spring show is more fabric and wool-heavy, so I may just try again in the fall. Being around creative and crafty ladies really motivated me to get back to my scrapbooks, and I look forward to sharing some new layouts soon.