Pages without pictures

Do you ever want to make a scrapbook page for an important family memory or hobby, but don’t have any pictures or keepsakes to go with it? Happens to me all the time. Well, the good news is that there are ways to tell a story and justify creating a page even without photos or memorabilia.

That’s exactly what I did below, for my page on quilting. My mom and I have created countless quilts together, but have forgotten every time to snap some pictures while we were at it. I still wanted to create a page to represent these memories, and so I figured I created a paper quilt for the page. This was the “Q” page in my alphabet book.

In this page, I stitched the squares together after adhering them to the purple paper. I used the first two lines to spell out “quilts” and used the remaining squares to embellish and journal.

DSCF0828Here is a close-up of the squares and what I did with them. I created all of the embellishments myself by using patterned paper to add more depth to the page. To get the look of the squares being stitched together, I hand stitched around each one. I wasn’t too worried about imperfections on this page, because the quilts we make are “rag quilts,” which get their texture and warmth from the rags.

Have you created scrapbook pages without photos before? Share your comments below!