Out with the old

In this post, I will outline some ideas for re-doing pages. Now, normally, I would never suggest going back and re-doing a page, since scrapbooks not only tell the story of the pages, but also represents who you were at the time they were created. That being said, I do believe that there are some cases where re-do’s are acceptable (mostly because I am a perfectionist and I want to LOVE every page).

For this particular project, I was creating an ultrasound page for my cousin’s book. This was going to be the first page in the whole album and so it was important that I nailed it. My original idea looked great! In my head. Once I put it on paper (or at least tried to), it didn’t quite turn out how I wanted it to.

935101_10200187053673248_1826564235_nSo as you can imagine (if you try really hard), this page was a good idea in theory but didn’t necessarily turn out as planned. I really wanted to re-do it, despite others telling me it “looked fine.” (By the way, telling a scrapbooker that their page looks fine, could very well be one of the worst things you could ever tell her.)

In order to re-do this page, I decided I wanted to keep some aspects. I highly recommend trying to salvage as much as you can when re-doing a page. For example, the “Love” wasn’t as bad as the rest of the phrase, so I kept that part and turned it into a tag. I also liked the patterned paper, but since it was already adhered to the new page, I used the blue in the new design. This looked fine because it matched both the patterned paper and the new Love tag. There was a little glue residue on the patterned paper and so I moved the ultrasound picture over to hide it. This is what I came up with:

1016872_10200187054833277_1413985124_nI am much happier with this page than the last one. Having each word of the phrase in a different font, I found it adds more depth to the page than the previous one. I also really like having the border around the patterned paper. My cousin was very happy with this page, and although she said she would have liked it either way, I could tell she approved of the change!

What do you think? Was there a time when you needed a re-do?