October’s word of the month

Inspired by my list of 25 things, I have decided to choose one word of motivation a month. The word I have chosen for October is DO.


This word really resonates with me because, as the timing of this post may show, I am the WORST at procrastination. I will take time planning and thinking things through to the point that I run out of time when it comes to the actual execution. This month, things will be different. This month, I am all about DO-ing!

Whenever Will and I don’t feel like working out, cleaning the kitchen or getting out of bed, we just switch our attitudes and decide to just DO it! And guess what? It works every time! Getting things done and crossing off my to do list is all about mind over matter.

I challenge you this month to stop over-thinking and putting things off and just DO! Leave a comment below to tell me what you will be DO-ing this month!