Mother’s Day – A crafy idea for mothers

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate those special women in our lives that clothed us, fed us and loved us through thick and thin, for years and years, to make us into the people we are today. Mothers have the hardest job, and growing up with a single mom, I can appreciate all the crazy things moms have to deal with.

I also know (not from first-hand experience yet), that being a mother is a very special job that comes with as much joy as it does work. In honour of Mother’s Day, I have a crafty challenge that stemmed from an idea I had for my very good friend and her son, X, and I think it is something I will want to do as I watch my own children grow (one day).

I have known this little guy since he was 7 months, and now at the ripe age of 2 years, I can honestly say that X has blossomed into a great little guy with a huge personality. This kid has so many expressions and goes through so many emotions throughout a day, and so I thought it would be a great idea to come up with a way to document it. Here are some photos of him from the other morning that his mother shared with me:

2014-05-11 16.17.52Those of you with kids are probably nodding their heads when I tell you that these two faces happened within minutes of each other. I love young kids because they are so impressionable and although you can still (kind of) tell them what to do, they are at the age (read: terrible twos) where they are beginning to develop their own distinct personalities and are getting really good at telling you what they want/don’t want. Which brings me to my challenge…

The Challenge:
I challenge you to spend one full day documenting the many faces of your children. As a very expressive person myself, I absolutely love looking at photos from when I was younger and would have really enjoyed having more of those moments documented. I see this project becoming some type of Blurb or Shutterfly book at the end of the challenge, but it can really become whatever you want it to be.

So because I don’t have my own children to try this on, I ask that all you mothers out there give it a try for me. Spend a day with those goobers you call your spawn, and let me know how it goes. Not only will you spend some awesome quality time with your kids, but it will serve as a sometimes much-needed reminder that every pout or tear is almost invariably followed by a priceless smile or laugh.