Making the most out of mat leave

Getting ready for mat leave was (and still is) a weird concept for me. For someone who has worked non-stop since turning 14, sometimes even three or four jobs at a time, the idea of taking a year off seems like a bizarre concept. What the heck am I going to do with all this time?

Even getting ready to leave at work was hard for me. I have been going to the same place every workday for four years. Am I just expected to drop everything and go on a year-long vacation?

Apparently, yes. That is exactly what I am supposed to do.

So now here I am on mat leave without a baby to keep me busy. Thank goodness for baking and cleaning though, because my house has never been so thoroughly cleaned and my stomach has never been so full of yummy treats.

But I still want a plan for when baby gets here to make the most out of mat leave. 

So, I have created a mat leave bucket list of all the things I hope to do this coming year once this little one makes her arrival. Of course, because I currently have a ton of time on my hands, I used my Minc to rose gold foil the title to make it a bit more exciting. I also know that once she’s here, I doubt I will have a ton of time to be Minc-ing anything, let alone a fun bucket list! 

Since I am a first time mom, who knows if I will be able to mark anything off this list, let alone complete the whole thing. I tried to keep the items somewhat achievable without setting myself up for disappointment. I really hope we can mark some things off as a family to make some memories and really enjoy this year we have together.

And because I have a ton of great friends who are also pregnant this year, I thought I would share a blank version of the bucket list so they can fill out their own mini wishlist of fun things they want to make time for while they are on mat leave with their littles.

To download the free PDF printable blank version of the list, click here.

But for now that I am sans baby, I will sit back with my raspberry leaf tea, my adult books and my sunshine, and I will enjoy the last few moments before the craziness of motherhood begins.