Making pages for other people: Part One

Often times I find myself doing pages for other people; whether its my mom, my cousin or the dude sitting on the street corner, it seems like I am always finishing scrapbooks for everyone buy myself. Making pages for you and your family is one thing, but making them for someone else’s family is a completely different story.

This past year, I have made a bunch of pages for my nephew Bryson. This has been my continuous gift to him throughout his one year of life, and now that we’re coming up to his first birthday, I have to finish a couple more pages to give to him.

I love creating pages for this little guy, but sometimes it’s hard to capture the feelings and memories behind the pages, since I wasn’t there for many of his new experiences.

To make up for this, I have decided to do a couple of things differently than I would have done for my own pages.

20130807_225435-1For this page, my cousin had given me a bunch of pictures from a little homemade photo shoot they had done. All of the pictures were adorable as always, but there was one that stood out to me. This was the picture I would create the page around. I decided to opt out of the journaling aspect this time and replaced it with a meaningful quote.

20130807_225641This is one great way to include some additional meaning when you weren’t there when the pictures were taken. I think that this quote is kind of ironic because I really wasn’t there, and I really couldn’t explain it.

20130807_225702To add a little more meaning and embellishment to the page, I used a strip of paper with words like “cherish” and “dream” to bring the theme together.

What are your tips for making pages for other people? Leave them in the comments below!

More ideas for making pages for other people to come soon! Stay tuned!