Make your own gold dipped succulent pot

I have recently embraced the succulent life and am pleased to report I am actually keeping these little plants alive. As someone who can kill even mint (which is apparently very hard to do for everyone except myself), I am very proud of my little plant babies.

I wanted to share this joy with my Mom,  so I bought some plants from Will, Oliver and I, and got to work painting my $2 terracotta pots to make them look like $20 pots.

Originally, I figured I would just use painter’s tape to create a straight line for paint

ing, but that idea soon went out the window, as I realized it wouldn’t work well with the curved edge of the pot. Instead, I used a rubber band to create a straight, even line.

gold painting plant pots

Painting with Goldpainting plant pots with gold

I painted 3-4 coats, allowing the paint to dry each time in between.

20150509_124733I am so very pleased to say that they turned out brilliantly! Once completely dry, I peeled off the elastic band and potted the plants in each. It really made these cheap pots look trendy and chic – totally something that I was proud to give to my mom.20150509_141750Unfortunately my mom popped over right after I had finished potting them and in all the commotion, I forgot to take nicer photos of the finished product.

A tip for readers:

The worst thing you can do for your succulents is to over-water them. Best practice is to stick your finger in the soil and only water if it’s dry. If you still feel moisture, leave it for another day or two before you water again.