I put the PRO in Procrastination

I always thought I was a bad procrastinator in university, when I would be up all night the day before an assignment was due, hopped on energy drinks just to keep my eyes from shutting.

That was nothing compared to the procrastination I have been experiencing these past 2 months. (Can you even experienceprocrastination? Is that even the right term for it?)


Specials!To be honest, lately, it’s just been hard getting my butt off the couch to get anything done. I have a laundry list of items on my to-do list (speaking of which… I should add laundry to that list) inside my head that I have been needing to cross off for some time now. Every morning, I feel inspired to add more and more to the list, but I never seem to be completing any of it.

As easy as it would be to blame Netflix, it’s just so much easier to justify “relaxing” than it is to find the motivation I need to get things done.

Seriously, it’s getting pretty bad. The one main reason why this time is so much worse than when I was in university is that I am not getting anything done. At least back then I had deadlines I was committed to reaching.

So perhaps the answer to all of this is writing out my list and making deadlines so that I have something to be accountable to. Or maybe it’s planning time out in my day to dedicate to the blog, gym, crafts, cleaning, etc. Either way, I think by writing it down and having the list in front of me, it will become clear that the list isn’t as overwhelming as it is in my mind and how little time each item will actually take to complete.

Specials!(1)What are your tips for finding motivation and getting out of a procrastination rut?