Get into the habit: 5 daily tasks of happy, productive people

Every so often, I find myself getting into a cycle of late nights, early mornings, and a messy lifestyle. It can become especially hard if you’re living alone or with a partner who doesn’t mind the clutter. My husband, for example, often keeps a massive pile of clothes in the bedroom that we have even started referring to as “The Mountain.”


Although I am not familiar with the practice of fung shui, I do believe that there are 5 simple tasks that we can do each and every day to preserve the order in our home and restore a calm and productive energy. Call it chi, peace of mind, or simply healthy habits, but whatever you do, I promise you will notice your home becoming a more peaceful place that facilitates productivity and health.

1. Make the bed every morning
I was once told that couples who make the bed together, stay together. Regardless whether this is true, I think the simple task of making the bed every morning can have a huge impact on the rest of your day. It’s the first chance in your day to make order out of chaos, and preserves the bed as a special place made only for sleeping, until it’s time to return at night.

Make the bed every morning2. Clean the kitchen every night
Growing up, my mom was crazy for clean kitchens. Even still, every night before she goes to bed, she makes sure that the dishes are put away, countertops are wiped down and the entire kitchen is spotless. She got me into the same habit, and I swear I sleep better knowing I don’t have a pile of dishes to do in the morning. Although dishes aren’t always my favourite task, it usually only takes 10-15 minutes to do and is a good way to end the day.

Wash the dishes3. Tidy up before bed
By this, I don’t mean get out all the cleaning supplies and vacuum, but rather put things away. Along with the second task, it allows you a clean slate for the next day (no pun intended), and saves you time in the long run. Every night, I fold the blankets in the living room, tidy up the dog toys, and put away my clothes. This ritual has actually become quite a calming and soothing part of my day.

Tidy the house4. Let there be light
In the winter, it can become difficult to maintain high spirits. Leaving for work before the sun comes up and coming home after it already goes down can be damaging to both your physical and emotional health. Whenever possible, I always try to open up the blinds to let the natural light flood our home. At night, we love to light candles and spend our evenings in the fiery glow.

Open the blinds5. Drink more water
One of the things I added to my daily planner was a water count. Water is the most integral part of our lives, and it’s something easily forgotten about, especially on weekends (for myself). By drinking more water, you’re helping to energize your muscles, maintain healthy-looking skin, and keep your kidneys healthy. Try carrying a water bottle around with you, even in the house to motivate you to drink more water.

Drink more waterFor me, these 5 tasks bring structure and consistency to my life, setting me up for success. They allow me to maintain our home and cultivate a happy, healthy life.

What daily tasks do you do to help maintain a happy, productive life?