Five reasons every bride should do a boudoir photo shoot

Engagement is such a special time in a soon-to-be-bride’s life that evokes all types of emotions. From love, happiness, bliss and – more often that not – stress, anxiety and exhaustion.

Aside from all the planning jitters, engagement really is unlike any other time in your life. It’s right before you are forever tied to your soul mate, sometimes before children have made an appearance and at the time in your life when you can’t help but flash your ring at any chance you get – or at least that’s the way I experienced it.

DSC_3831Before I got married, I made the decision to do a boudoir photo shoot with my good friend and super talented photographer, Gillian from Sounds Like Yellow Photography. Although I was very nervous at first, I soon started enjoying myself and had a lot of fun. We kept it very classy and tasteful, and she managed to perfectly capture all the feelings and excitement I was feeling before officially becoming a Mrs.DSC_4313Here are the five reasons why I think every bride-to-be should do a boudoir shoot:

1. There’s no better way to capture the fleeting emotions of engagement than through photography
This is the ONLY time in your life that you will feel this way. The mix of excitement, love and happiness, combined with the glow of becoming a bride is a time that you will want to remember for the rest of your life!

DSC_43992. It’s a great way to preserve who you are as an individual before officially becoming a couple
Not to say that your individuality is compromised when you get married, but certain aspects of life become shared and important decisions require being made as a couple. This is a great way to capture who you are at this very point in your life. Add aspects of what make you YOU! DSC_40613. It makes a great present for your spouse on the night before your wedding
I made sure to have Gillian (who was also in our wedding party) give a book I had made from the photos to Will the night before our wedding. It was big surprise for him and was fun to create for me. The book I made was from Artifact Uprising and turned out beautifully.DSC_38224. It is something special to come back to later in life
Being 23 and without kids, I knew that this body was something I would want to remember later in life! This shoot helped me feel comfortable in my own skin and helped me cherish the body I had at the time that we took the photos.

DSC_43915. It’s really fun to get all dolled up and have your photos taken
Taking time out from the stress of planning a wedding to just ENJOY being engaged is critical! Having someone do your hair and make-up is topping on the cake, especially for someone who’s makeup kit consists of blush and mascara… and that’s it! It’s also a great time to do a make-up or hair run through and not have it go to waste!

DSC_4407What do you think? Will you book a boudoir shoot before your wedding day?