Finding inspiration

I am always perusing pinterest and other scrapbook blogs for page inspiration. This week, I came across a great post called Welcome, August on Since I have been working on our Florida scrapbook lately, I was excited to see so many summer page layouts. One in particular stood out to me. It is called Summer Stroll by Christine Newman. She contributes to Write.Click.Scrapbook and also has her own blog over at This was her page:

201308_WCS_ChristineNewman_SunsetStroll (1)_thumb[1]

I love the grid design and how the white paper makes the images look like polaroids. I had some pictures of Will and I at sunset on the beach, and so I knew I had to try to make a similar page. I am not usually one to replicate a page. I usually grab inspiration from a number of different sources and pull something original together. Obviously, this time was different. I loved everything about the page and so this is what I came up with:

20130803_085652-1I kept the page fairly simple, even though I really like how she used the extra embellishments. Her pictures had more vibrant colours and was a more “fun” page. I wanted to keep it just a little more “romantic.”

Let me know what you think. Have you ever replicated a page before? How did it turn out?