Farm Birthday Party – Celebrating one year of Harlow

After moving up from the city to the country, getting pregnant with our first country baby and welcoming Harlow into the Fournier Farmhouse, it seemed only natural that we celebrate her first birthday with a farm party.

Although it was hard to accept the fact that she was actually turning one, it did help that we celebrated before her actual birthday, because then I could still live in denial and pretend that we were just planning a fun party.

I am a huge sucker for tiny party details (you know, those little things that no one else notices but take a long time to make?), and I am really happy with how everything came together for this theme. So, I decided it warranted a blog post all of it’s own!

It was so much fun transitioning our house into farm party central. We kept everything in the front of the house due to a pretty sketchy deck in the back that we didn’t want kids to get hurt on, and it actually turned out great! It’s definitely a go-to now for all future parties.

We even had pony rides and hay rides going, complete with some last-minute handmade signs made by yours truly.

Food was also farm-themed, and my favourite find were reusable baskets for the kids’ food. So fun! And of course, I had to crack out my Cameo Silhouette to make a happy birthday banner (not shown), the “PIG OUT ” sign, a vinyl ‘OINK’ sign on the cutlery holder. (I bought the OINK design from the online store here.)

I always think I am good at baking and decorating cakes, but in reality, I have zero skill in that area. Thankfully the cow and sheep cupcakes were so easy and cute (in my very biased opinion). I also tried making a red gingham cake which didn’t totally work out, so we just ended up using it for the cake smash instead. The chocolate pudding, cow pies (brownies) and hay bales (rice krispie squares) were a huge hit! My mom even rolled them up like the hay bales we have on our road.

Of course, every first birthday needs a photo booth – a perfect place for a cake smash!

And obviously, no party would be complete without a Project Life guest book…

… or handmade loot bags! I found this fabric on sale and thought it was the cutest thing ever! So, I made 14 bags, stuffed it with a packet of seeds, a kiddy-sized watering can and a personalized note from Harlow. The night before, my mom also found farming sheets for the kids at a local fair and so we added those to the bag as well (huge hit!).

It was such a fabulous day celebrating our little love. It was a tad bit overwhelming for her to have so many people around wanting to hold her, so unfortunately for our guests, she was a little clingy to me, but warmed up at the end of the day once the crowd started to thin out.

And just like that, she’s one! What a fabulous day spent celebrating our big girl with the best farm party ever!