Okay, so I have kind of gotten a little carried away with my newest project and haven’t had much time for blogging (or really much of anything else for that matter). But here I am, and I am proud to announce that I have been successful in keeping up with my crafty resolutions of 2014.

I am a knitter in the winter, and at the end of 2013 when I was snuggled on the couch with my hot tea and my knitting needles, knitting up a storm of dish cloths, I had an idea to “sell” the dish cloths as incentive to get donations for the MS Walk that my family participates in every year, in memory of my Grandpa. So I went to work, knitting as many as I could for the new year, and once I had a good 25 dish cloths, I announced that I would be selling them, and within a week, they were all gone.

So I kept knitting and knitting to the point that I had to seriously consider switching my cause to the Arthritis Society, because my poor crumpled hands were seriously hating this great idea. Fast forward three weeks, with the skin peeling off my thumbs and the dish cloths selling like hot cakes, I am happy to announce that I have already achieved my initial fundraising goal of $500, and am already well on my way to my new goal of $1,000. I have made and sold over 60 dish cloths and have even started commissioning my family to help make them as well.

I couldn’t think of a better way to use my craftiness if I tried, and so for the next while, I will only really be working on my scrapbooks in between dish cloth orders. BUT- with that being said, stay tuned for some great wedding DIY projects coming soon. We are almost at the 6 month mark, so I really need to start on all the great projects I have saved on my Pinterest boards.

If you’re interested in getting a dishcloth please leave a comment or click on the link below to donate directly to the cause. Thanks for all the support! The response has been overwhelming!