Canada Day Countdown Kick-Off: Pin Party

This Canada Day, I have decided to celebrate like an American on Independence Day! I am a proud Canadian, and I know how lucky we are to live in this multicultural nation of ours.

The long weekend shouldn’t just be about getting an extra day off work (although I am not complaining about that), but should be about the one day that we stop and thank our lucky stars that we were born in Canada. This week will be entirely dedicated to preparing for Canada Day and I am so excited to share the many ways I will be crafting my way through the weekend!


To kick-start the Canada Day Week festivities, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite pins for creative Canadian crafts, party, and decor ideas:

1. Bake and decorate the Perfect Canada Day Cake from

2. Make (or buy) a cute wreath like this one here from KMMGdesigns on Etsy


3. Gather up some wood and make your own wall art like this one from


4. Create some Canada Day shirts for the whole family via


5. Spruce up your bathroom with your own festive soap like these ones from


I love all of these ideas, and can’t wait to share with you a few of my own projects that I have in the hopper for this week! I’d love to hear what you have planned to celebrate on July 1st, so feel free to share links and ideas in the comments section below!

*All photos were taken from Pinterest with links back to the original sites.