Around here: Long weekend links

Since I just finished watching the last episode of Gilmore Girls this week, I’ve found myself with more time to peruse the pages of the World Wide Web, finding a couple great gems to keep my mind off of the fact that I no longer have a favourite old show to re-watch anymore. I am happy to report that I found a lot of great stuff, some of which is included below for your viewing pleasure:


If you’ve been having massive freakouts about life (like me) lately, I recommend you read this.

Check out this awesome video with tips on hand lettering.

If you’re looking for different ways to document your memories, I recommend checking out this article with ideas and platforms to help you.

I am sure you have already heard this on social media by this point, but if not, you need to listen to this now!

And here’s something even more captivating for your eyes.

Looking forward to summer? Get rid of the snow and replace it with these!

And last but not least, don’t forget to hand out your valentines today!