5 DIY home decor sewing projects

Call it nesting or just call it a phase, but I have been on a sewing rampage lately. If you follow me on Pinterest, you might have noticed my increase in sewing-related pins for both home decor and to plan for the baby.

One thing I am trying to do before I make my way into the world of motherhood is to stop hoarding pins and great ideas on my Pinterest boards and to actually DO them! The Internet has a weird way of simultaneously making us feel so inspired to try new things, while also giving us the best way of procrastinating the actual doing of the things!

So to partner my inspiration with some practical application, I chose five sewing patterns to complete for around the house before the little one makes her appearance. So far, I have completed three of them, but as my new delivery of fabric just arrived today, I am planning on completing the others soon!

1. Floor pouf drum

Our living room is an awkward size for additional seating, and so I wanted something minimal that was versatile for using as a foot stool or as a comfortable seat for guest overflow from the couch. When shopping, I found that a lot of the floor poufs were out of my price range or not quite the right size to double as a chair, if needed.

Then I stumbled upon this floor drum pattern from A Beautiful Mess and was instantly in love. I actually pinned it ages ago and ordered the fabric, but with the onset of all-day morning sickness, I was unable to actually do it until now.

For someone who is comfortable with a sewing machine, but not an expert by any means, I found this tutorial very easy to follow along with. It was my first time attempting to sew piping, and I would say it was a grand success! I can’t wait to make more for the living room and for the nursery.'

2. Roman Shades

When choosing window treatments for the kitchen renovations, I immediately flocked to Pinterest to see what options there were for me to sew my own roman shades. Again, in the interest of saving money and having a custom option for our window size and colour scheme, I felt that DIYing it was our best option.

The tutorial that I found from 33 Shades of Green was so easy for me to follow along with, that I even took some creative liberties by including eyelets instead of sewing on washers for the string. I am very pleased with the finished product and think that it really brings some character to our brand new kitchen.

3. Organizational zip bags

When Will and I took sewing classes when we were still living in Toronto, one of my favourite things we made were the zippered pouches. I loved how easy it was to make and how useful they became. I use one for my every day make-up, which is perfect for keeping the bathroom tidy while also making packing easy for overnight trips.

After the class, I went a little crazy and began making them left, right and centre, using all the wonderful fat quarter bundles I had acquired over the past year (I had a minor obsession with attending craft fairs and buying bundles of these useful but tiny cuts for a while). I have a bag for everything – from my craft markers to electronics.

4. Reupholster a chair

We were given a hand-me-down chair for the nursery that was a great price and was in excellent condition. My mom gifted it to us and we are so grateful because brand new rocking chairs are anything but cheap!

Although we love the chair itself, Will and I decided that the colour scheme didn’t match what we had in mind for the room, so we decided to take matters into our own hands to give it a little face lift. I will be taking apart the cushions to create a pattern and have decided that I will add a zipper to allow for easy cleaning down the road.

I will be taking this project slowly to ensure I am not making any mistakes, and I can’t wait to show you the finished result when it’s done! 

5. Funky table runner

My mom has recently taken up quilting and has been creating the most beautiful table runners. It has inspired me to make a more modern spin on the table runner, inspired by this beautiful hexagonal one.

Table runners are such an easy way to change up the decor for a festive season or just to keep your table interesting. I created this no-sew hand painted one for St. Patricks Day a couple years ago and love the idea of stamping fabric too, so I am thinking of trying my hand at it for this project.

Although I have only completed three of these five projects, I look forward to sharing with you the final results of all my sewing projects soon!