100 Happy Days: Week 8

My girls’ weekend in Buffalo could not have come at a better time. I’ve never been so grateful for such an amazing weekend than I was after my super busy week on Friday. I got to spend some quality time driving down to the states with my Mom and had countless laughs with my mom, aunt, sister and cousins throughout the entire weekend. I didn’t realize how much I missed spending time with just the 6 ladies until we were all together again. We shopped till we dropped (literally, for some of us), and had an amazing weekend all around.

Here are the photos from days 49-55 of my #100HappyDays project:

IMG_20140519_192124IMG_20140520_222330IMG_20140521_175512IMG_20140522_211727IMG_20140523_164714 IMG_20140524_075546IMG_20140525_195001If you read my post on the 3 things I learned while taking an adult gymnastics class, you will understand why I included that last photo of me up on the rope. It may not look like I am high, but that is the highest I have ever gotten on that (darn) thing! I probably could have gotten all the way up, but the reality of having to come back down after going up hit me halfway up, so this was the highest I could commit to.

Who knows… maybe next class will be the day I make it up to the top! Now that would be one way to finish off the season with a bang!