100 Happy Days: Week 6

May is always a busy time. In my family there are birthdays galore, followed by Mother’s Day, and then even more birthdays. Added on to all of the festivities is the fact that this month, Will and I are entering the 3 month countdown to our wedding, which means some serious crunch time activities are happening! This was also the first week of my course at George Brown College, which I really enjoyed! I met some pretty cool girls and am looking forward to the next 11 weeks in the class.

Last week, I said I wouldn’t reflect as much on the weekend, which is going to be easy to do as I was sick the whole time and was just a big bump on a log. So here are the photos from my last crazy week, documenting days 35 to 41 of my #100HappyDays Challenge:


Although our wedding to do list seems to be growing by the day, we really are getting a lot of stuff done! This week we bought stamps for our invitations, Will painted a chalkboard sign we will be using for the bar, and we booked all the B&Bs for our Irish Honeymoon on Sunday night! I am so looking forward to it, and can’t wait for the day to actually come!

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