100 Happy Days: Week 5

The interesting thing about 100 days is how quickly they pass. When I signed up for this challenge, 100 days seemed like forever. But here we are at day 35, and I am still excited to be capturing great moments every day. This weekend was super busy with National Scrapbook Day, the MS Walk, and a surprise bridal shower that was thrown for me by my wonderful Auntie Karen. Like every weekend, it passed by too quickly and left me feeling even more exhausted than I am at 5 p.m. on Friday evenings.

I am grateful for this challenge because it helps me recognize and appreciate the little moments that make each day special, and encourages me to document them. Here are the photos I captured this week (days 28-34) for #100HappyDays:

IMG_20140429_192352IMG_20140430_230108IMG_20140501_182054IMG_20140502_195149IMG_20140503_104341 (1)IMG_20140504_100828

I always find myself talking about the weekends in these posts. Maybe it’s because it’s fresh in my mind, or perhaps it’s because I am so sad it’s over. Regardless, I will try to focus more on my week days for my next post.

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