MUGS & JUGS PODCAST // Episode 011 – Must-have newborn toys for 0-6 months

When Harlow was just born, it seemed crazy to think that such a small baby could need so much, or that she would ever be big enough to play with toys. But alas, the day came (probably sooner than I had expected), when the house was covered in toys and I couldn’t even consider stepping outside without newborn toys stuffed in my diaper bag.

On this episode of Mugs & Jugs, we are chatting about all the fabulous newborn toys we found for the 0-6 age group. If you’re putting together a baby registry or buying for someone who is expecting, you might want to consider one of these items. We’re each sharing our top 3 picks for a complete must-have list.

Happy listening!


Hope you enjoyed this quick podcast list! These were all hugely important items that helped us get through the first stages of motherhood and we highly recommend trying them for newborns. As always, please leave us a comment if there’s something we missed!